Design is a discipline that straddles science and art. Scarib defines what iT does in a process that clearly separates each element from the initialstep to the last.

The process of design and construction can be painful and onerous if undertaken without thought and planning.  We believe that through planning and processing through a journey together it can be enjoyable and fulfilling

Team Building
Every project involves a number of people, the client is an intrinsic part of the design team, and building clear and concise communication streams and understandings are vital to the long-term project success. We believe that small teams work better.

Challenge setting
Often the true challenge is different from the perceived challenge. Our team will initially review the brief and establish the actual challenge in broad terms. The design strategy is then established through discussion having agreed fixed outcomes, budgets and timeframes as well as various options.

A key part of every project is the project team, Scarib encourages a dynamic approach focusing on positive outcomes and encouraging a “can do” attitude tempered with a “plan for the worst hope for the best” stance.  

Design Strategies
A strategy is developed from the brief and overview that lays the ground and structure for a strong but flexible rout for the project.


Design transfer
An important part of a project when a project document is presented or staff presentations are rolled out which gives ownership to the user and ensures that the depth of the design detail benefits are championed and utilized by the end user. We are always available to support even after the project is completed.



The glue that binds a project together. We encourage a transparent approach together with prescribed communication channels. We operate a policy of “solving the problem first” “learning from the experience second” When the unexpected happens, (this will happen on every project) we react together positively and only when we are back on track do we reflect and share the learning experience.